Do you have a medical or mental problem that normal medicine has failed to cure?

Cosmic Healing can be the answer for YOU - as it has been for countless generations in the past !

Cosmic energy from the Universe has unlimited power to heal and to stabilize all kinds of abnormal conditions in the human body.

  Meditation - a process that can be learned by all       
All human beings possess the ability to meditate! The process is not confined to the inhabitants of Asia or anywhere else in the world but rather, it is a special quality that lies dormant in most people and is only awakened when interest and perhaps need is brought into focus. Everyone possess the ability to stay quiet for relatively short periods and to learn how to bring the thinking process into a static condition. In many cases a person searches for the benefits to be derived from meditation because of some crucial need. This can be some kind of really heavy stress brought about by acute worry or discomfort. It can be as the result of over work or over exercise even and when the need to rest completely, becomes paramount. Whatever the motivation, if a person really wants to practice meditation they can undoubtedly do so and it is up to the individual to find the most suitable motivation to begin the process.

There have been many interesting examples of motivation and not all of them are necessarily connected with negative aspects in life. For instance sitting quietly in a clearing in the forest or at the edge of the ocean and observing a sunset can produce stimuli which results in an urge to meditate! Yet again some people get really fed up with traffic or industrial noise of some kind and when a really quiet spot is found, such as a darkened room or on top of a building the urge to sit and meditate results.

To summarise on this aspect, noise and disturbances as we know them today in the twenty first century are not in born characteristics of our race. In fact it is peace and tranquillity which are the features of our make up as evidenced by a study of the history of mankind from its earliest times. Consequently when we take steps to remove these unwanted intrusions and replace them with natural qualities, then there can be absolutely no question as to the benefits that are to be derived from such a process.

Master Dasira Narada
Luang Suvichan-peth
Dr.Robert Chaneys
Khunya Yaowares Boonnak

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